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Rocco Katastrophe - Second Hand Emotion CD

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He is back! Yes it is true, the cutest guy we know. This is our second release with Rocco Katastrophe, and we could not be happier.
We released The Worst Amazing in October of 2009, his third full length album.

Fast forward to 2012 and the release of Second Hand Emotion it is all about the love, and it hit us straight in our 1990's heart.
Boom! Smooth. Smart and Sexy. Perfect.

Read more about our boyfriend Rocco.....

Rapper/producer Rocco Katastrophe is San Francisco born and bred. After moving across the country to Brooklyn, NY, he spent the summer reeling from a broken heart and the lonely feeling of a new city. The end result is his fourth full length album Second Hand Emotion, out on 307 Knox Records.

Second Hand Emotion is a ten-song exploration of sex, love, trust, and betrayal.

In the past Katastrophe has taken a more intellectual approach to writing, while this album showcases his emotional side. The songs piece together a snapshot of the complex nature of attraction and the dark places that love can lead you. Melancholic and honest, with a touch of martyrdom, Second Hand Emotion embodies what it might sound like if Morrissey made 90's R&B. Katastrophe's flow has slowed and he allows the listener to delve into a deeper, more vulnerable place.

Musically, Rocco Katastrophe has honed his craft and blended contemporary mainstream influences with his love for 90's R&B and rap. "Love x 5," the last song written and the first track on the album, is an anthemic swelling, triumphant tribute to the 5 major love's of Katastrophe's life. On the track "Let Me Go," we're led into the verse with a stripped-down and mournful acoustic guitar, while the beat and piano plot forward, seducing the listener into an all-too relatable tale of love lost and the difficulty of letting go. "Pick Up The Line," calls to mind Timbaland, Timberlake, and Mike Posner with synths that bounce and pop like firecrackers over a marching band drum line and give way to his earnest crooning and gravelly rapping.

By retaining his love for the word and crafting a dark melody that resides in the minor key, Katastrophe has painted an auditory picture of how raw it feels to hand your heart to someone only to have it broken.

In scope, concept and composition Second Hand Emotion is an honest and poetic leap for an artist that has already established himself as a thoughtful writer and versatile producer.

Second Hand Emotion Track Listing/307Knox 307040

1. Love x 5

2. Pick Up The Line

3. Let Me Go

4. Give You More

5. Casanova

6. Slow Motion

7. Fair-weather Friend

8. Fantasy

9. Crush

10.Wake Me If I’m Dreaming

Website: www.roccokatastrophe.com

Website: www.307knox.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/307knox

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